Create your GDPR Processing Activity Records in minutes. Use more than 1250 prefilled Records.

We make your record creation for all business sectors effortless. Simply create:

  • Processing Activity Records (Art. 30 I GDPR)
  • Category Records (Art. 30 II GDPR)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (Art. 35 GDPR)
  • Legitimate Interest Assessments (Art. 6 I lit. f GDPR)

Create and Store Data Protection Records Securely

Who are we?

Willing & Able is a SaaS provider focused on delivering e-based LegalTech solutions to the world. We developed AbleToRecords to back your employees working in data protection. This record creation system allows all businesses to create, store, access and translate their data protection records and reuse them for all their divisions and branches. Simply achieve compliance.

What is AbleToRecords?

AbleToRecords provides prefilled data protection documentation on a high level. Our team of specialized lawyers and data protection officers came up with a unique solution for record creation and storage. It's time-saving, reliable and can be used both, by small companies and large corporations. We provide pre-written autofill records for most standard processing activities. They can simply be imported to all your international branches.

Why every company needs it?

The highly digitized reality we live in makes data protection an exceptionally challenging task to tackle. In the era of the almighty World Wide Web, data is often stolen, lost or faked. With our system in place you'll always know what kind of data you process and where. In case of incidents, you can simply notify your supervisory authority (Art. 33 GDPR) and the data subjects (Art. 34 GDPR). AbleToRecords helps you to comply.


Record creation

Create your processing activity records in compliance with your business needs. We offer a wide range of categories that contain pre-written standard records, such as accounting, human resources, IT administration, legal department and more. Create your own customized records if you need to reflect special or unique business models.

Data Protection Officers

With our system you can provide data protection at its highest level. Either internal or external data protection officers can benefit from our system. While external DPOs need to become a Franchise Partner, internal officers can simply subscribe. If you are an external DPO you can use AbleToRecords for all your clients and create accounts for them. Just contact us.

Easy data import

We have maximized data import automation by introducing an easy import feature. It allows you to save time on filling out standard records. Simply export and send an Excel file to your branches or clients, tell them to choose “Yes” or “No” for every processing activity, and upload when completed. Our system will transfer all the information to auto-create the standard records.


Do you have many branches or many employees involved in data protection or record creation? Just invite all to AbleToRecords. Assign them a location so that they can create records for their branches, or simply re-use standard or company-related records from other offices.

Multilingual documentation

Considering the multinational nature of many modern businesses, we offer a translation functionality for your processing activity records, bilingual standard record creation and pre-translated multilingual records. Most of our prefilled standard records are already translated into languages like German, English, Romanian, Italian, French and Greek.

Pricing Plans

Up To 200 Records

Our STANDARD subscription plan is ideal for small to medium-sized companies. Creating standard records takes much time and expertise. Automate your record creation process by purchasing our STANDARD package for only 19 Euros a month.

2 Branches
Up To 500 Records

Our PROFESSIONAL package is designed for medium-sized companies with two branches. You can create and store up to five hundred records in our system using the bilingual record creation option in case your branches are in different countries.


4 Branches
Up To 1000 Records

We offer our LARGE BUSINESS subscription plan to big companies with up to four branches operating in one or many countries. Get the best out of our sophisticated but simple-to-use system by creating and storing up to 1000 records for only 79 Euros a month.

9 Branches
Up To 2500 records

The INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION package is meant to cater to large organizations with up to nine branches. Effortlessly create and store up to 2500 records across all your company branches located in different countries.

Unlimited Number of Branches & Records

Enjoy our record creation and storage system to the fullest by purchasing our ENTERPRISE subscription plan. Give access to your data protection coordinators in any of your branches so they can create and reuse company related records all in one place.


All subscription plans are free of charge for qualified charitable organisations. Furthermore, such organisations may receive all other Willing & Able applications for free. To qualify for this program, you have to be a registered and government recognized charitable institution with the sole purpose to act for humanitarian cause. We will authenticate your eligibility and discontinue services for unqualified organisations.

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What Our Clients are Saying


Our vision is to make life easier for everyone in data protection.

We vision a system that contains standard records for each and every type of business. It is our goal to make you efficient. It is our mission to help our clients to create GDPR compliant standard records with minimum effort and more efficiently.